"Will i be able to understand what u are doing and your system through basic membership ?"

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Hello sir,

i have been watching Twitter for a while and I am impressed.

I am familiar with the concept of supply and demand but it is not my main tool in trading.

i am not successful enough in my trading and unfortunately, i can not commit currently to purchase student membership.

i thought about purchasing a basic membership in order to see if i can make use of it in my trading.

my question is- will i be able to understand what u are doing and your system through basic membership ?

i know it is a bit general question , but still...

i have a lot of experience in trading and i am a very fast learner. My problems in trading are purely mental and I know it is common.. I can overcome difficult learning material but i have huge problem overcoming myself..

best regards


πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« REPLY:

Good morning!

I hear this all too often but the good news is yes the basic membership will help you with your trading tremendously. We have some basic video lessons to explain what we are doing and how so that you can make use of the reports and video analysis. You’ll also have access to our observation journals which detail the moves of each pair in detail and explain the why price is moving how it is. You’ll build up confidence when you see the analysis and come to have a better understanding of the markets. This will build your mental game up.

Let me know if you have further questions!


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