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White Oak Trading University was established in 2018 by Kevin Araujo.

White Oaks President and Head Professor

Kevin Araujo is the head professor of White Oak Trading University. He is a professional trader who has been studying the markets since 2013. His journey into trading begun with the study of supply/demand concepts taught by OTA. He holds certificates of completion for the Professional Trader I & II, Professional Futures Trader, Professional Forex Course and Advanced Options Trading Course from the OTA. Kevin's level of performance in all those courses were exemplary. His studies did not end there as Kevin realized that there was a lot more to be learned and it would require much study.

White Oaks Mission

Our mission as a school is to bring a classical trading education to those that are looking to learn the true nature of the markets and be able to trade the markets with confidence and consistency, leading to a profitable and fulfilling experience.

What is a Classical Education?

Throughout the years, only a privileged few have been given access to a higher education in the form of private schools. These private schools offer what is known as a classical education, otherwise known as Liberal Arts education.


Wikipedia explains a Liberal Arts Education this way:

Liberal arts education is the traditional program of higher education in Western history.

It has it's origin in the attempt to discover first principles - 'those universal principles

which are the condition of the possibility of the existence of anything and everything'.

How do we bring a Classical Trading Education to you?

One of the most important aspects of a classical education is to teach the student how to learn. Our unique process of educating our students takes them down a journey of acquiring knowledge, turning that knowledge into an understanding of supply/demand market dynamics and then fostering that process until it develops into wisdom. During this process the student will acquire skills that will help them to determine the "True Analysis" on the charts. The successful student will acquire great wisdom of the markets and have an understanding of market dynamics that will allow them to analyze the markets with incredible accuracy.

White Oak University Library

Our library contains the knowledge our students need to begin their journey of trading excellence. The knowledge provided to our students is very unique and is not recycled education that can be found in the mainstream. The knowledge in the library has been acquired after thousands of hours of careful market study and analysis. The concepts and principles taught have been extracted from the market itself and have been proven to extract extremely valuable information from the markets. Our library is one of our most valuable assets and contains the most powerful set of tools for a trader when used effectively. 

Historical Data Analysis Project

We have taken on a very challenging project that has seen an investment of countless hours of research and study so far. This project first began in 2014 and continues today. It's main objective it to learn about the movements of price with the unique perspective that the markets are controlled by the largest banks and institutions. Their movements of price are tracked and the information gained from this process is recorded and studied. A vast  amount of invaluable information has already been gained by this process and is the foundation of the education being taught her at the school. Our goal with this project is to map all the movements of price by the institutions on the major timeframes of all the major currencies pairs as well as with Gold and Oil. We have come very far in our goal of mapping every single institutional supply/demand zone and institutional trend line and we are studying the results and using the information we gather to enhance our understanding of supply/demand dynamics and in turn applying the knowledge gained to our Institutional Trade Signal System. The resulting study, analysis and conclusions will then be added to the vast knowledge contained in our growing library and made available to our students.

President and Professor
Our Mission
What is a Classical Education?
Your Classical Trading Education
White Oak Univeristy Library
Historical Data Analysis Project
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