White Oak Trading University

White Oak Trading University was founded by Kevin Araujo aka Magic Trader. His current role at the school is head professor and head trader of the Magic Trader portfolio. His dedication to teaching others his unique approach to analyzing and trading the markets is a breathe of fresh air to a profession riddled with stale techniques and a reliance on EA's and algorithms that frankly do not provide consistent positive results over time.

In a world where the trend is to focus on the use of technology for our trading, White Oak Trading University focuses on our own unique ability to make trading decisions that are outside the scope of what technology is capable of doing.
We have a unique gift to use our minds in ways that we are just starting to understand. Our focus is to teach traders how the markets actually work. To solve the mystery of price action once and for all. We do this by offering our unique lessons, classes, leading edge market analysis and one on one personalized attention to our students. This dedication to our students is unparalleled.
Our curriculum will unveil the truth of the markets. Discovering how you can use it to your benefit depends on your work ethic, dedication and perseverance!
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