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One of the core advantages we as traders have when trading the futures and currency markets, is access to the positions held by the largest institutions in the world. Knowing what to do with this data is a what we teach here at White Oak University. There is a lot of incorrect information out there about how to interpret the report and it's data and it leads to a lot of confusion. We have been analyzing the reports data for many years, we've collected all historical data and have conducted countless study sessions on the data and relating it to institutional supply and demand and have created a solid reputation for interpreting the information provided to us very accurately.

At White Oak University you'll learn what the CFTC data is, where it comes from, why it's important, how to interpret the data and learn how the data can be used to predict the future movement of the markets with astounding accuracy. The CoT data is an extremely useful tool for a traders arsenal to give them an edge in their trading. The markets are moved by the institutions, banks and hedge funds that control trillions of dollars every day. Today, it's use is extremely undervalued because it is not being used for it's true potential. White Oak University has been using the data for managing our portfolio for many years and throughout those years we has uncovered a valuable method to decipher what themes are in play by the largest institutions in the world and because of this we are able to position our portfolio in a similar manner and profit consistently.

Our exclusive analysis of the CFTC data is put together every weekend after the data is released to the public and put together in The Araujo Report. This report is only made available to basic members and students of the University. We will also let you know that we have many professional money managers and hedge funds that use our reports for the benefit of their portfolio's.

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The Araujo Report for September 6th 2019

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Commitment of Traders Report Analysis