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Magic Trader Portfolio

How does one know that becoming a student at White Oak Trading University will lead to your personal success as a trader? 

How does one know that what we teach is quality material that reveals a true understanding of market behaviour?

How does one know that the time you spend learning what we teach you will be worth your time?


Once you experience our highly respected market analysis via the Araujo Report, our Forex Market Outlook sessions, the content of our exclusive Video Lesson Library, our completely engaging Classroom Sessions and our fully transparent trading results, we are extremely confident that you'll join our other students that feel they have found their trading educational home!

Want to see what our students are saying about White Oak U?

As a Basic Member or Student of White Oak University you will have access to the Professors, Kevin Araujo's aka Magic Traders Portfolio. Having access to the portfolio will teach you all about the trades taken. Having access to the portfolio will also teach you how the trades are managed to reduce risk and how drawdowns are always kept to a minimum, but most importantly, you'll discover how we use our in-depth analysis to provide us with our trade ideas. We trade when the market tells us to trade!


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