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Institutional Market Analysis


After thousands of hours of extensive research we've discovered that the markets are heavily manipulated and the shocking truth is that the way price moves is very predictable, unlike what we've been told, and you can now learn how to do real analysis to uncover the truth of what is really happening on the charts.


We will teach you how to do TRUE MARKET ANALYSIS based on what the Institutions are doing with price. Retail traders spend countless hours examining charts and drawing support/resistance lines, fibonacci retracements, elliot waves and a whole bunch of other analysis that is EXACTLY what the international banking corporations are hoping they do.



Because believe it or not, the institutions that are taking the opposite side of retail traders trades have programmed their algorithms to create these chart patterns on purpose to lure traders into taking LOSING TRADES!

Once you know this you can start to change your thinking on what you should be plotting on the charts.

Welcome to a completely revolutionary NEW way to do INSTITUTIONAL CHART ANALYSIS.There is absolutely no other way you will ever want to do chart analysis once you see the accuracy we attain with our forecasts. The reason being is because we are plotting the areas on the charts were institutions are buying/selling or where they are planning to buy or sell. Then we apply multiple timeframe analysis to determine what the short term, mid term and long term move we expect price to make enabling us to take day, swing and longer term position trades.