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A Classical Trading Education

What if we told you...

You can know where the markets will move.

Know when is a good time to trade and when is not.

You can become consistently profitable in the markets throughout your trading career.

Have your knowledge of the markets become stronger throughout the years and your analysis become more accurate.

Know how to interpret world events in such a way you will understand how it will effect the markets.

Know how key economic events/data releases and interest rates will move price. 

Never feel uncomfortable trading ever again.

Some of the greatest minds that have ever lived have known about a way to learn that is referred to as the Trivium. The Trivium method of learning is extremely powerful and has been a method of learning that dates back to medieval times. It is time tested and has been proven to create a mind that is able to receive data, think logically about it and come to a conclusion that is based on all the facts that need to be taken into consideration. Having a mind trained this way enables one to go through life examining information, ignoring what is not important and absorbing only what is of value, therefore increasing the likelihood of achieving success, happiness and great wisdom. Now imagine what this could do for chart analysis!

The Trivium is broken down into three stages: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.


How successful can someone become when they've used this process to learn?

Have a listen to this TED Talk regarding a Classical Education by means of the Trivium

Here's the link: 

Now I want you to ask yourself:  

"If one could use the power of the Trivium to discover how to learn and how to think, what would happen if you applied that same process and used it to learn how to trade

the markets by examining the markets themselves?"

White Oak Trading University is the first and ONLY trading education provider using the methodologies of the Trivium to help students learn the realities of the markets and how to use the information gathered to trade and manage their portfolios. Our students are empowered with the tools they need to study the markets and extract knowledge that will equip them with what they need to examine a chart, extract the information required to determine the moves that are expected, know what is of importance and what is not and be able to plan a trade based on strong factual evidence to support the trade thesis.

Our focus at the school is to provide students with a classical trading education by means of taking the student through a process of acquiring knowledge, understanding and eventually wisdom. The method in which we use to accomplish this is explained here (create a free account to view) and is used during the progression of the three levels of education which teach a group of principles and concepts that must be applied to the markets in order to achieve the "True Analysis". What is most important to understand is that these concepts and principles were born from the countless hours of careful study and analysis of historical charts using the Trivium methodology. The process used to extract this information is incredibly time consuming but resulted in the creation of tools that can be used to discover the true analysis from the charts. Discovering the true analysis allows ones accuracy to predict future market moves to be unparalleled.

"Discovering the true analysis allows ones accuracy to predict future market moves to be unparalleled.

You will not believe the results of the analysis until you see it for yourself!"

"Once you've used the Trivium method combined with the concepts and principles taught at the school

to perform your chart analysis, you'll never see the markets the same way again!"


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