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What can we offer you?

At White Oak Trading University we offer our members a host of different services to facilitate a quality education. We understand that our students are also our clients who come to us for many purposes. Some want to find additional analysis to help them in their own trading/investing. Some come because they want to learn new methods of chart analysis that break away from conventional technical analysis and put the edge in their favour, and others come to be part of a community of like-minded people to share ideas and to learn from each other. Whatever your reason for coming, we are sure we have something for you.

White Oak Trading University boasts quality, experienced, reputable instruction; offering live weekly classes for those who can participate.  Understanding that we are an international online education service, we ensure that our enormous library collection is up to date with video lessons recorded for those students needing to watch on their own time zones while still learning alongside their peers all over the world. 

Accountability for your learning by giving you the opportunity to submit your homework and have it reviewed professionally.  When you sign up with us, you are also signing up and making a commitment with yourself; to do the work, stick with it and not let yourself down.  At White Oak Trading University we will be with you every step of the way.  There is so much value in that, and we are often told we give much more than what we charge for this experience. 

We are passionate about providing truth and quality trading education for those committed to learning with us from all walks of life.  We understand that many students are working full-time, part-time, raising families, in trying financial times and we are sensitive to that.  That is why for the rest of 2024 we decided to offer a discount to those needing some financial assistance and opening that up to everyone.

We pride ourselves in a constant renewed philosophical approach for the benefit of our entire student body.  We really value feedback and although we offer all the benefits of modern technology, we have a theme of the old world charm for a reason.  With that you will feel a sense of good traditional values, including truly listening to what students need.  As we always say, feedback benefits all of us.  Soon we will be offering one on one coaching calls with the professor himself!  Magic Trader and his team have many good things coming in the near future and having your support and commitment to your learning will help make those things possible.

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