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Level Two - Institutional Market Structures

Level two of education is where the student will build upon the knowledge gained from completing level one lessons and classroom sessions. They have established a good understanding of the concepts and principles taught and are able to complete basic level chart analysis to a satisfactory standard. In level two the student will learn the more advanced concepts and principles that allow them to do analysis on more complicated charts. Having understood basic supply/demand theory, we begin to delve into market structures including locating very specific zones that the institutions use to change the dynamics of the markets.

Level Two Education


Level two of education will expand one's awareness of market dynamics by focusing on the following:

Market Structures: It's one thing to understand where the institutional zones and trend lines are but now you must learn what all these zones are used for. Supply and demand imbalances are used to push price from one location to another and in the process to create chart formations that will mimic mainstream price patters that will lure retail traders into either buying or selling. Understanding the structures the markets produce will reveal the story of what price is doing at any moment. 

Advanced Supply/Demand concepts: the concepts taught in level two will equip the student/trader to understand when retail traders are trading and when institutions are trading. Knowing the difference is essential and is something most will never understand without knowing what to look for. With the tools taught in these lessons, the student will be prepared to read any difficult chart and be able to extract the "True Analysis".

Institutional Trends: we delve into how to examine a chart and know if there is an uptrend or downtrend. You'll learn what makes a trend and when does that trend end. Retail traders have been taught many methods for establishing a trend and they are simply incorrect. Once you know what forms a trend and the reasons why, you'll be able to spot the start of a trend and it's very end.


Imagine the power of knowing when an uptrend begins and when it ends

and how you can take advantage of that knowledge?

The CFTC Data Spreadsheet: the spreadsheet we have been maintaining for many years now has grown in much popularity. It is a spreadsheet which contains all the historical data that has been provided to us by the CFTC website. When you combine all the historical data together, the information it provides to us, when it is examined using the formulas we've incorporated into the spreadsheet, is absolutely outstanding and incredibly revealing. In level two we will reveal how the spreadsheet works and why it works. You'll also learn how to make one yourself so you can track the data as well.

The spreadsheet will reveal to you the moves being made by the

institutions. You'll see how they enter into trades and how they

exit them. You'll know when they will exit their positions before they do it!

Is it possible to know where price will go before it goes there?

Understanding the forces of price will allow you to know exactly that!

The successful student of Level Two education will be able to

determine the TRUE ANALYSIS on the chart, which will put them

ahead of any other trader in the markets today!

Market Structures
Advanced Supply/Demand
Institutonal Trends
CFTC Spreadsheet
What does the successful student achieve
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