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What is your motivation to teach others?


Hi Kevin,

No problem.

I had a quick question and of course you can choose to answer or not:

What is your motivation to teach others? I assume that as a successful trader yourself it cannot be purely for financial gain.

You must put much effort into running the site and preparing materials etc. Also I see you conduct many marketing campaigns on Instagram etc and I just wondered if you would share with me why you do it?

I hope that you don't find it rude me asking. I have no expectation that your motivations are at all sinister - i am just interested to hear your motivation if you'd care to share.

I will renew my membership on Monday -I am enjoying the material and believe you to have good intentions for your students. I admit I do have a fair amount of cynicism built in but that is because I have come across many what I'd call fraudsters over the years posing as experts or gurus. Its all part and parcel of the Forex market it seems.



Hey J,

Not a problem, it’s a fair question and a good one. There are many reasons why I decided to teach:

1. There is extreme power in following a process and there is nothing better to keep me working on my process than by teaching the process and being accountable to others.

2. I was very disappointed in the educational material that was made available to traders and I knew that the vast majority of it was incorrect information and would only cause more harm than good for your average trader. I realized what I was discovering about the markets was real and true and it worked amazingly for me and so I wanted to share it. Sharing with others didn’t take away from what I could make from the system so there was no reason why I couldn’t.

3. I discovered I love teaching others and making a difference in other people’s lives. It brought me a lot of happiness to share my discoveries and see the reactions and results in others. This experience brings me more joy then a profitable trade and I really mean that.

4. I have a goal to build this school to be one of, if not the best trading education school anywhere. I know the work we are doing here is unmatched and the potential for it to reach a very large audience of traders is massive. Traders are sick and tired of methodologies and strategies that simply don’t work consistently and they are looking for something that makes sense. They realize what’s out there is not the real deal but they try to make do. Our students, when they invest enough time to see the results of their studies, start to realize that our analysis is the REAL DEAL. This is something worth investing their time in.

5. When you know you have something that is worth doing and worth sharing on a grand scale, you must do everything you can to reach as many people as you can and in the end, I believe you will be blessed in so many ways. I have personally seen how sharing what I have been and starting the school and investing so much of my time in helping others has brought me so many blessings and I wouldn’t stop doing this for anything.

These are some of the reasons why I do what I do off the top of my head. There are many other little things as well like personal interaction with others and the happiness it gives me.

Now with everything that is going on in the world with lockdowns and viruses and such, many people are losing their livelihoods and if what the experts are saying is true, this could be a new normal for humanity, so now more than ever I feel a great responsibility to try to help as many people as possible, to teach them a skill that can provide their families financial stability to weather out the storms and protect their futures.




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