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🚨 You Better be ⌛️ Patient in This Market or ELSE! #CFTC data

Based on the Commitments of Traders data reported on: August 8th'23

#GOLD Gold has been basing on the higher timeframes which is why we have ranging taking place. This ranging does NOT provide high probability trades so it’s best to stay out of gold for now. There have been two basing candles already on the 12 month chart so we could see momentum build upwards or downwards to break out with momentum. Watching for this.

$USO - United States Oil Fund has major supply in play which I suspect may play a role in the direction of #OIL in the coming years.

$EURUSD We’ve watched as the banks have lured investors to buy the $EURUSD as they themselves offload their longs. Momentum is building now to the downside.

$TLT Bonds have yet to show any aggressive accumulation of long positions as of this time but I am keeping this one on watch for those signals.

NATGAS it’s getting there folks!

US Dollar Medium momentum is up with $EURUSD selling.

S&P 500 Shorts have been closing but we may be exiting the bearish cycle for now. Keeping a close eye on this one to see what takes place. Too early to trade this one just yet but we will be getting signals at some point. Patience!

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