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Nourishing Traditions!

This week I want to tell you about a great book that I added to my home library, it’s called “Nourishing Traditions”. As you already know I love to learn, so I am always researching, reading, listening to interviews, lectures and watching documentaries etc. I like to search for the highest quality information and knowledge I can find. It takes a while to sift through the low quality to get to the high quality. When I get there I then have to vet everything to

ensure what I am finding is of quality. So let’s get back to this book. I love to cook and my family takes cooking very seriously. Our meals are mostly cooked from scratch at home. We have many recipes passed on from my family and my wife’s and we have added many new ones to our family cookbook. As we have been learning about nutrition along the way we have had to adjust our cooking styles significantly to make our cooking healthier. No more throwing sugar in the baking mix or cooking with grains, reducing our consumption of processed foods and making sure we support our immune system with lots of nutrition. It’s not easy to know what to do and how to do it so it becomes very important to educate yourself. This book came highly recommended by some very knowledgeable people in the health industry and so I had a look at it and decided to purchase it.

I wanted to share this little gem with you as I consider you a part of my extended family! Hope you enjoy it!

Kevin Araujo

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Tim Dowler
Tim Dowler
Oct 20, 2020

Just got my copy in the mail today. This book is awesome, thank you!

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