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🏰 Our Formal🤵 Dinner

In my mind we are all studying in a private school and an old historic castle that is filled with old world charm. Something out of an “old boys club” movie. The grounds are kept meticulously and the staff is second to none. Tonight we are having a formal dinner not just to enjoy some elegant dinning with imported seafood and steaks that would make your eyes water but also to discuss the future.


We just had a great couple weeks in the school portfolio. We closed some trades for profits and the risk/return was incredible. So tonight, I want to discuss with everyone, while experiencing your full stomachs, plans for the future. Trades we want to look into and keys zones we need to locate. There is more money for us to grab from the markets but first we need to do the work to earn it. My intention is to get everyone on the same page tonight so we all know what is expected of us.


One student made a great suggestion to me regarding the level 3 students. It actually comes as I was thinking about something similar this weekend. We will discuss in our future level 3 class so make sure to tune in for that.


Another thing on the agenda is the $EURUSD chart and what I believe is setting up as we speak. If you read this report all will become super clear to you and I highly suggest you do just that. At the dinner I would hand out a copy of the report to each and every student and have you go through it quietly as you sip on


you Port during dessert. After the reading we will have a discussion on what you got from the report and if there are any main themes that are becoming evident to you.


We will then discuss possible trade ideas and how we plan to incorporate them into our daily schedules and eventually execute them.


After dinner, we will all enjoy a cigar and some brandy and play some snooker/pool in the billiards room. Some of you will prefer to sit on one of the many leather couches and read the latest WSJ edition, looking for some correlation between what is being implied in the articles and our main thesis on the markets.


After our evening of relaxation, discussion and laughs, we retire to our rooms for some reading before lights out. It’s going to be a busy day tomorrow beginning with our level one class.


I hope to you see in that class. Make sure to send in your homework as I will be reviewing them randomly.


Enjoy your evening ladies and gents. We’ll see you in the morn!


Kevin Araujo



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