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🧠 This Is Causing You To Lose 💰 Money

As a trader there is a battle that is going on in your mind constantly. One on side you have the professional trader n you that knows what he/she must do on a routine basis and on the other side is the bad boy trader that thinks emotionally about everything and reacts to the market in a way that works against the professional. No matter who long you’ve been trading for you will still have this battle going on inside your mind to a certain extent.


I’ve found that throughout the years the battle has been less often and the professional trader in me wins more often than it used too even 5 years ago.


What do I do to support the pro trader in me to win those battles?


I feed it, nurture it and do the work necessary to build its confidence and resilience. Each and every week when I do my chart work and report I am working on building that pro traders confidence so when it comes time to battle he is strong and will react on instinct in order to defeat the bad guy in my head. Actually I shouldn’t consider him a bad guy; he is just very emotionally reactive. He sees a market moving and thinks he knows where it’s going before doing some significant analysis first and he always wants me to buy because it will be easy money. Always attracted to the easy money, this guy.


I think he means well but he doesn’t have what it takes to be consistently profitable. He doesn’t put in the time and effort required to be profitable consistently. This is why the pro trader in me has to just nod when he gets excited and ignore his outbursts.


Another thing I’ve learned is sometimes we do things to sabotage our results. Whatever it may be that causes this, just be aware that it happens. I think when you put in enough time doing the work required on your chart analysis and on yourself to become the best you can be, then you will have less and less sabotaging incidents occur. I still deal with them from time to time but they do happen less often than just a couple years ago and I believe the main factor is just the belief in myself is a lot greater and my self-worth has increased dramatically. Having an amazing school filled with amazing students that give me such great feedback has helped in that department immensely.


With that said folks, thanks for another week of great trading. So much is coming our way and I am so excited to journey with you!


Kevin Araujo



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