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The Million 💰 Dollar Trade

Are you ready for 2024? Do you have trading goals you’d like to reach? Do you know what you need to do to achieve them? These are the questions you need to ask yourself and you need to start working on them. Regardless of whether those goals are to create your own strategy based on the concepts/principles we teach or to make a certain amount per trade idea. They things is you have to have something to work toward.


The beauty of what we teach here at White Oak U is that you can use the information to create your own system of trading. Whether is be day trades or swing trades, the concepts we teach -- because they are grounded in the truth of how the markets work – can be used to trade any way you like. They key is to have a strategy that works for who you are as a person. What works for me may not work for you. Maybe you like to trade trades every day for small moves, or maybe you like to hold trades for a long time and get their full moves. Maybe you like stocks, dividends, futures or commodities, no matter what market you trade you have to find out what resonates with you.


This year I am planning something special which I have already begun with the $EURUSD short trade I recently opened up. I have discovered something truly incredible that has been allowing me to profit from moves that are highly predictable. I did it several times in 2023 and now again in 2024 I am in the green already. My plan is to take this specific trade type and make it my cash generator. I am going to start working on consistency as well as developing more information regarding this specific type of trade. The more info I gather the more profit I will be able to extract from this trade type. Once I master this trade and become super consistent my next goal will be to increase my size.


Eventually I would like to be able to pull in around 100k per trade setup. This is 100% achievable if I follow a specific plan to achieve this goal. I will be documenting this new journey of mine and will be posting the trade setups and my thinking behind each trade as I go along. Look for info on the observation journal for the $eurusd.


Part of my process is working on my psychology. The mind and how it can work against you is the greatest road block to achieving this success. It is not my technical skills and analysis, although I will be continuing to work on them it is the mind that will work against me IF I LET IT.


I am reading a couple new books to help me on this journey and I will continue to read new books when I find relevant ones. I have shared the two I have already started in case you have an interest.


Wish me well traders; I will need all the help I can get!


Kevin Araujo

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