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You will change forever!

It’s an unfortunate truth but we were not taught in school so that we could come out and become geniuses. We were taught just enough to be obedient workers that could be equipped with everything we’d need to work for the rest of our lives and live with a set of blinders on. I never really understood how much this was a fact until I began to start seeing the realities of the world. I got interested in reading serious works many years ago and as I started reading and learning about so many things; my mind began to take on a certain transformation. It was like all the radio, tv shows and anything that glanced my eyes and ears were now being interpreted in a completely different way. Shows I enjoyed watching before, now seemed completely ridiculous as their hidden agendas to force an opinion of something on me was now becoming so clear. I started asking myself, has the world just changed or have I changed, obviously it was the latter.

The more I read and explored the deepest regions of my mind, the more my perceptions of the world around me began to change. I no longer took anyone’s word to seriously, I stopped watching tv shows that clearly pushed an agenda and instead I became extremely careful selected shows and movies that I would expose myself to. In fact, when you realize the power of suggestion, you can turn it into something that can empower you. I have used the power of media for my benefit by selecting content that would inspire me to work and live the best way possible.

Unfortunately, many people are still stuck living in a world where they constantly expose themselves to nonsense and programming and they do it completely unaware of how their perceptions are completely being formed for them. With this, their power of critical thinking disappears and they no longer contain any power to think for themselves. This is one of the major reasons why traders fail. If you can’t think for yourself on a deep level, how would you ever be able to trade consistently when trading requires you to think for yourself on a very deep level!?

What we teach here at the school is a game changer and the lessons taught here can be applied to your life! Two for one deal! ;)

Kevin Araujo


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