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Understanding concepts and principles is key!

As I sat in my office staring at the wine bottle puzzle mystery and thinking about the crazy coincidence that I had happened to win the door prize and I was the only person at the party truly interested in the gift, I thought about how I had a definite advantage in solving this puzzle because of my background in studying the art of magic. In my years of study, I have learned about many principles used in magic as it has always fascinated me how the impossible could be made to appear possible. Many of the principles I’ve learned have actually served me well in life. Learning the art of misdirection and the principles a magician uses to misdirect someone’s attention has allowed me spot a pick pocketer in crowd very easily and allowed me to let them know I had my eyes on them, which eventually led to them leaving the area. Studying the art of escapology I learned how magicians are able to escape when their wrists are tied in secure knots and how the magician uses clever manipulations of the ropes that would allow for their escape. These are things your average person would never even know were possible if they had never a) spent the time to figure out how to accomplish these manipulations or b) learned how to accomplish them from sources that understood their concepts. So with my background, I looked at this puzzle and knew that there was a way figure it out where most would look at it and say it’s impossible.

How does this relate to trading? Very simply, most traders look at the markets the same way they would look at this puzzle mystery. They apply what they believe to be true without taking on the challenge and spending the time necessary to actually understand the reality of the markets and they do this simply because they believe there is nothing else they need to know about the mystery. What we actually know to be true is the more you investigate the markets, it’s forces and the dynamics of how the markets move, the more you will begin to understand it’s concepts and principles and when you understand it’s concepts and principles, then and only then can you take on any new puzzles, mysteries or new market circumstances with a more informed perspective that allows you to follow a process which leads to unraveling it’s secret!

Kevin Araujo


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