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Trading for the RIGHT reasons!

On Friday morning we had a Level 3 session and in this session I spoke about the importance of making you’re trading all about making the right decisions based on the current dynamics of the chart. When you keep trading that simple, then your results well flourish. Too many times traders make trading about making money and this is not how it works. Just think about it, when you work a job JUST for the money, how well does that work out for you. What about when you do something because you love it. Don’t you put full effort into it, you pay attention to the details of what you’re doing, you do it for the right reasons and trading is the exact same way.

I love the challenge of solving the puzzle that is price. I love working out the details of how the market should play out based on what is taking place, so when I place my trades in the markets I try to stick with what I KNOW I SHOULD be doing instead what I WANT to do. When you do this, it’s for the right reasons and the confidence you have will be very strong because you know you have nothing to worry about. The key is to make sure you are in the business for the right reasons.

I also like to think of trading like playing a video game. The consequences are not real to you when you play a game and you know you won’t be hurt. You want to win the game so you do what you need to do to win. When you trade the markets and do what you need to do to win and leave the money aspect on the sidelines, then you will see the money come flowing in. It really is that simple but it is hard to get to that point. The key to all of this is having a system in place that you can rely on so when you are doing the things you need to do, you know they are the right things to do!

Kevin Araujo


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