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Success requires sacrifice!

We had another eventful week at the school. Our $AUDUSD Daily Chart Analysis class took place this past Tuesday as it has since the start of July. We’ve seen some consistent growth among the students with the skills they are slowly gaining. Along with the skills they are gaining comes the experience needed to feed the analytical mind. I want to continue to encourage those who have been participating to continue to put as much time as they can into this work.

On Thursday we have the level 2 class on #Gold Daily Chart Analysis. During this class we examined a few situations that provided us with valuable lessons regarding applying logic to the analysis that we do. We discussed trend lines in some depth, going deeper into some of the lessons taught in level 2.

I hear a lot from students that they don’t have the time to do the work required, to view the lessons and so forth. I ask you this one question. How much time do you spend on your phones, on social media and watching television? Many of you probably do not but I would bet the vast majority of you and that is fine but seriously consider the amount of time you spend on those devices and ask yourself if you could cut that time in half and spend the free time you now have on the course material, classes and doing your homework. Do you think a future of financial freedom is worth making that sacrifice? Only you can answer that question, but realize that a sacrifice is necessary to excel in this. You will not succeed unless you decide it’s worth it to you. I have already made my decision and continue to make it each and every day.

Many of you ask if I run the school by myself and produce all the material by myself. The answer is yes, I do it all by myself and I also manage my household, garden and take care of my property with upkeep. I have a family with two daughters and social obligations and every day I have to manage my time in order to make it all happen because if you want it to be so, you will make it so! What do you decide?

Kevin Araujo



John Chan
John Chan
Aug 03, 2019

This is absolutely true!

Either one is rich or poor, God has been fair that everyone has 24 hours a day! It depends how one wants to put ones time to use. At this age of social media and FOMO, the mind set is instant gratification. What is out there, everyone has access to them, but to transfer to one's mind is not similar to this age of data transfer at hyper speed between computers.

To listen and understand seems simple, that's what I thought too that I'm knowledgable and smart to master it by viewing and understanding the principle. Simple analogy to learning to swim. One needs to try it out in the pool and slowly with practice and…


Crystal clear!


Jul 31, 2019

You know my answer! 😀

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