Sherlock forecasts for April 2020 Part 2

Updated: Aug 4

We shared some more Sherlock forecasts on our TWITTER page and if you haven't seen the first batch of our results, you can see them here.

So let's take a look of what our Market Forecaster laid out for us.

On April 23rd Sherlock suggested that the #GBPAUD was going to drop from 1.9355 to 1.9100

5 Days later we watched as the TARGET was hit at 1.9100!

On April 30th 2020, Sherlock forecasted:

  • a move upwards on the #EURUSD from 1.0892 to the 1.10's

  • and a move downwards on the #DOLLAR from 99.30 to the low 99's and BEYOND

ONE DAY later the #EURUSD hit 1.1000 and even higher!

At the same time the #DOLLAR hit into the 98's.

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