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Sherlock forecasts for April 2020 Part 2

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

We shared some more Sherlock forecasts on our TWITTER page and if you haven't seen the first batch of our results, you can see them here.

So let's take a look of what our Market Forecaster laid out for us.

On April 23rd Sherlock suggested that the #GBPAUD was going to drop from 1.9355 to 1.9100

5 Days later we watched as the TARGET was hit at 1.9100!


On April 30th 2020, Sherlock forecasted:

  • a move upwards on the #EURUSD from 1.0892 to the 1.10's

  • and a move downwards on the #DOLLAR from 99.30 to the low 99's and BEYOND

ONE DAY later the #EURUSD hit 1.1000 and even higher!

At the same time the #DOLLAR hit into the 98's.



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