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Sherlock forecasts for April 2020

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

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Throughout the month of April we shared some of the forecasts that Sherlock provided to us based on the market dynamics that were in play at the time. Here are just a few that we posted.

Sherlock forecasted the #EURAUD drop from 1.7576 to 1.7130

On April 8th 2020, Sherlock forecasted a drop on the #EURAUD that week from 1.7576 to 1.7130. Here is the post we made.

On April 13th 2020 we posted a chart showing the drop Sherlock had forecasted to the 1.7130's all within that week:

Sherlock forecasted the #AUDUSD rally from 0.6198 to 0.6400

On April 7th 2020 we posted the forecast provided by Sherlock that the #AUDUSD which was at 0.6198 at the time, had demand in play and that a move to the 64's was expected.

On April 13th 2020 the #AUDUSD made it to the 0.64's just as Sherlock had forecasted. This took place within 6 days.

Sherlock forecast for the #EURUSD fell short of reaching it's target

On April 7th 2020 Sherlock also forecasted the #EURUSD to rally to the 1.10's.

On April 14th 2020 the #EURUSD made it as high 1.09908 falling just short of the 1.10 expectation. So you can see that Sherlock makes its suggestion by by no means is the forecasting always right. At times other forces come into play in the markets that will push price against the natural path it wants to take.

Sherlock's specialty is knowing what the natural path of price should be.



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