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Ready to Discover New Wonders?

I am slowly coming out of the twilight zone that I have been experiencing for nearly two weeks now. I have not been feeling well and my wife has also been knocked out by some very strange feelings we’ve both experienced. Just when I start to feel like I can get back to things, I start to feel that feeling of shivering and then I start feeling cold and sweaty. It’s been very strange indeed. Good thing is that the markets haven’t been doing anything spectacular these first couple weeks of January.

I have pointed out a very good trading opportunity this coming week in the report so make sure to read through and locate which one that is.

With respect to the new level one class I’ll be scheduling dates this week for that so any of our new students look out for that as we begin a new series of sessions. I was looking back at older classroom sessions and it’s incredible to see how much we’ve learned in the last two years. Anyone who has been with us these last few years would have

seen the tremendous accomplishments we’ve made in our analysis capabilities and if you’re wondering how this is possible it’s because of the unique way in which we analyze the charts, using logical and critical thinking. Once you have a strong foundation of what you know to be true about the markets, then you can figure things about the markets that you never knew just last week and because we continually go through this process within each classroom session, you will experience with us the incredibly new secrets that are revealed regarding drawing zones, trend lines and knowing when and when not to draw the analysis on the charts. Discovering how the banks move price, why they do it and where it will go before it goes there!

There is literally no other trading education experience like what we offer and if you’re a new student, you are in for a treat!

Kevin Araujo



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