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Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of the years again folks! This is the last weekend before Christmas and I hope you’ve all done at least 90% of your shopping. ;)

It’s been a really amazing year for us here at the school. We’ve continued to grow steadily every month and all though traders coming upon us from the analysis that we post online. Many of them tell us, when they become students, that there was something so unique and logical about what we teach and our form of analysis and this is why they had to join. It goes to show that most of us instinctively know truth when we hear it, it’s just we tend to fall for hype and get emotionally triggered into making decisions that eventually lead us know where. So we welcome all the students here at the a school, congratulations for becoming a student, this tells us that you are looking for the right thing, you are focused on a great education, an education that will have you acquiring skills that can change your life, if you apply them.

Our progress as a school has been very rapid and we have been working nonstop behind the scenes preparing course material and creating the methods that will be used to teach them. We are breaking new ground here and we are starting to see the incredible results in our students. In the coming year we have many new announcements we’ll be making. We are working on ways to better prepare you for the year to come, ways that you can better understand how to locate trading opportunities for yourself by examining the observation journals, day traders will really enjoy this one. So keep an eye for these!

This year we did extremely well with our school portfolio, I personally did even better with my personal trading accounts. We achieved returns better than most hedge funds in the markets today and we did this all while trading very conservatively. We also accomplished this while working hard to provide you the best content possible. In the coming year we are planning to increase the risk on our trades slightly. We have seen incredible results with our theme trades, 100% success rate and this is unheard of because even the one time we were incorrect in our direction; we managed to get out without a loss, which to us is a win! With such a success rate and the drawdown being maintained under 10% we see a great opportunity to make even better returns in the new year. We are so excited of what is to come and we can’t wait to share it with you!

From our family to yours, I want to wish you the greatest and most loving Christmas ever!

Kevin Araujo


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