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Living a peaceful life so your mind remains at peace!

One thing I can’t stress enough for me, as an essential ingredient for my success as a trader is living a balanced, peaceful life. My main focus is family, health and being happy. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to live in the country. I am surrounded by nature, away from city noise, the fast paced lifestyle and wireless signals. Within nature I feel a deep sense of peace; all around me everywhere I look I can only see what has been made by our creator. This is where I call home and it is a place I feel so blessed to be able to live.

So why do I bring this up? I know many people who live a very fast paced lifestyle, where they work a lot, have many friends and go out often and keep themselves very busy and this might work for them but when they try to bring trading into this type of lifestyle and mindset, they soon realize that the two don’t mix very well. Why is this? Thing is trading requires a lot of patience, focus and control of your mind. It requires your state of mind to be completely focused on nothing but your objective, which is to find the best opportunities to take advantage of the markets in order to bring in positive returns to your portfolio and any state of mind that is not purely focused on this task will surely lead to a result much different than your intended purpose. This is why, my main focus in living a simple life without distractions and noise. I work hard to keep balanced with my health, social activity, family and personal time in order to have my mind ready and in proper form when I call upon it to perform.

My mind is not always ready to work and I have come to realize that sometimes it just doesn't want to perform and I have become accustomed to realizing when this time comes and when it does I am ready to turn away from my screens and find myself something to do with my time other than trading related tasks. Find that within yourself and make sure you know the difference between your mind being an asset or a liability to your success.

Kevin Araujo



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