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🧩 Learn to Solve The Market Puzzles! 🏦

How did we know price was going to drop on the #EURAUD?

Based on the evidence we gathered, it was clear that a drop was very possible and we allude to this fact on September 29th, 2021 in our Forex Market Outlook.

Fast forward to October 20th, 2021, we see that price has in fact been dropping for the past four weeks. How were we able to predict the market so precisely and solve this puzzle?

Once we saw the amount of obstacles that price had on the weekly chart of #AUDUSD compared to those on the #EURUSD, this was hard evidence to sustain our predictions. We combined all that we saw on the #dxy, #audusd and #eurusd. Identifying supply and demand zones and trend lines accurately were very critical as these were able to tell us the trend state and dynamics of the markets.

This is exactly what we teach at level one at

Our members are very much aware of how to PREDICT AND FORECAST the markets. Feel free to check us out at link below.

⭐Your trading future depends on it.⭐


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