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Don’t worry be Hippie!

Happy Easter everyone! That has to be said before we say anything else. This is a very special time of year where we celebrate new life. I am happy to see that many countries are turning the tide on the direction they were headed with respect to the liberties they had taken away. So there is so much to celebrate this year. Let’s continue to pray for this momentum to continue forward throughout the year.

This past week, I spent some time reading my Epoch Times newspaper and absorbing all the news and opinion pieces it had laid out. One thing I can say is that I find their content very informative and their opinions very balanced. I am sure you feel just as I have that this last year has been very testing and it’s been very hard to find comforting news and guidance.

One thing I have changed in my life to make it more peaceful is that I have turned my radio off. I used to be tuned into a local classical radio station so that my family could enjoy the classics throughout the day. It set a very nice mood for the whole house and we all very much enjoyed it…. except for when the news came on and the government sponsored ads chimed in. We were constantly being bombarded with these messages that didn’t resonate with us and our spirit. Even my kids started repeating what they were hearing on the ads and it started to become worrisome for my wife and I.

We decided to go the old fashioned way of listening to music which is to play it from our own sources. I set up an old device I had that was not being used. I loaded it up with some classical music from Mozart and Beethoven and connected a portable speaker I had purchased many years ago and there you have it a wonderful entertainment system that plays what we want without all the messaging.

I can’t tell you just how rewarding this change has been for us so far.

As a professional trader one of my main responsibilities is to look after my well-being. If my mind is not in the right place, then my work will suffer. If I am not treating my brain with the care it deserves than there will effects on my trading in one way or the other. So it is very important to educate yourself on brain health and in ways to promote a positive state of mind.

Meditation has been something I have wanted to get more involved with but for some reason I have been putting that off. I have tried it many times but have just not been able to really get into it. I will be making an effort this year to start putting more time into it and finding a way that would be comfortable for me.


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michael nero
michael nero
Apr 07, 2021

This is a great post Kevin. It is so easy, at least for me, to be passionately focused on the charts and the exciting opportunities they afford when reading them, hearing from them, and trading under their direction is mastered. I often lose sight of the fact we are fearfully and wonderfully made in body, mind, soul, and spirit. Health of mind is of particular interest to me as it has suffered illness at times in my life. Some friends and me are embarking on a journey starting next Monday of nurturing our selves and each other on to better health in all of these life areas. Each of us uses a variety of tools. For me prayer is number…

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