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Building a Strong Portfolio takes Patience!

I often get asked “how many trades do you take in a week?” and I think it’s because some traders equate the amount of trades one takes for the amount of money they can make. I have not seen this to be true with professional trading. Anyone can take a handful of trades and put on enormous risk and be lucky by making big gains but this type of trading and many have seen before is not sustainable. What does it matter how many trades you take

when at the end of the year all you should care about is how well you performed over that length of time. I have seen so many traders take many trades throughout the week, some winners, some losers and after the week ends the broker made more money than them. Gains and losses usually even out if not having your account in the red. Staying GREEN never tends to last very long. We all know this comes down to having a really good system to trade and then having the psychology to maintain the consistency in mental thoughts and physical work required to have a strong portfolio that stands the test of time.

So what is required? Well from my perspective I have always wanted to wait for the most ideal trades because when you look back at your trading history you will always realize that the trades that were not the highest odds were the ones that cost you money and the best odds trades worked out very well. SO why waste your time and money on anything less than the best you can find?

As many of you have seen over the last couple months, each and every trade I took was a real winner, high odds and had a lot of potential. They ONLY added percentages to my portfolios and did not take anything away. PLUS my brokerage fees have been extremely low

because I only took a small handful of trades. My broker doesn’t like that too much but it works very well for me.

Over time my portfolio builds and builds and it stays consistent. This is why I have been able to stay in this business as long as I have and I will continue to do so. As long as I continue to put in the work I do each and every day there is no reason why things should ever change except for the better.

So I want you to think about the importance of ONLY taking high odds trades and when you find them you take the risk you are willing to accept on those trades. What you will find is you will be a lot less stressed and your portfolio will grow extremely well!

Have a great week!

Kevin Araujo


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Well put article. It took me 3full years to understand. Now am enjoying the fruits of it.


Unknown member
Sep 11, 2021

Great post and very spot on. In life so much is about quantity quality. I would rather have quality over quantity any day of the week.

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