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Are you taking advantage of the school library?

When you become a member of White Oak Trading University you are given access to our vast library of knowledge. To gain access you need to become a student with us and this gives you the ability to join our LIVE classroom sessions which we put on weekly for level 1 – 3 students. You can access our massive library of classes from our archive and you have hundreds of hours of detailed sessions where we break apart charts, locating supply/demand, trend lines and discuss the very nature of how/why price moves. In addition to the classes we also have a massive library of video lessons that will teach you concepts and principles that you can use and apply to the charts to create analysis unlike anything you have seen in the past. This analysis will end up allowing you to become extremely accurate with your forecasts and trades.

That’s not all, you also have our massive library of all the past Araujo Reports which you can access as a BASIC MEMBER and are filled with incredibly valuable information that you can spend hundreds of hours analyzing and accumulating incredible amounts of knowledge from. The information stored in these reports are gathered after countless hours have been invested learning from the markets and studying how the institutions manipulate price and accumulate/distribute their positions.

Think about it; imagine a library with books that contained secrets that could not be found anywhere else. Now what would you pay to have access to a library with books that explain everything you could ever want to know about the realities of the world, knowing that if you applied the knowledge from those book to your life, you could be successful only to the limits you put on yourself. UNLIMITED potential! This is no joke, I can tell you without any hesitation that this is what we have put together for you! What you do with it us up to you!

Kevin Araujo


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