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🔎📊 Your CFTC Data Analysis - Feb'24 🚨 Featuring the $GBPUSD

Based on the Commitments of Traders data reported on: January 30th'23

$TLT I still have my orders to add to my long.

S&P 500 we have a MAGIC zone created on the weekly chart which is basically a high probability area to enter in long the market. Only issue is the uptrend line is not high quality. No basing candles at the trend line contact in the valley.

(1)   Long signal working very well so far.

(2)   The demand zone would be lower risk to base long trades off of.

(1)   A break of the ascending daily trend line could be used to signal and exit from the long position.

$USDJPY watching this chart for a move higher. Daily supply above needs to be removed and then weekly supply will be next for strong rally. Otherwise demand out for drop (unlikely).

$USDCHF watching for more momentum to the upside since the (1) descending trend line broke, which to me signals momentum should likely continue upwards now.


🎩 Each week I will highlight a specific pair from the Araujo Report. The analysis will be a potion of what's made available to members.

GBPUSD: Institutional traders have a BULLISH SENTIMENT

Interest Rate: 5.25% (last change – August 3rd ‘23)Force of Price






Overview: Price dropped slightly and the banks increased their longs from 77k to 83k (more aggressive) and shorts increase from 43k to a slightly aggressive 49k. What’s interesting is we are seeing a different dynamic playing out here than what we see with the $eurusd. What we can also see is that shorts are now coming out of cooled off territory and entering into a default position size. Daily supply is in play so we’ll see how far price wants to drop from here.



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