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🏦📊 What the Banks CFTC data tells us about the Markets!

Based on the Commitments of Traders data reported on: September 5th'23

#GOLD We have weak supply that just about tested but not officially. The weekly charts supply may come into play soon and then push price lower. We are basing on the 12 month so watching for a break out higher or lower.

$USO - United States Oil Fund has major supply in play which I suspect may play a role in the direction of #OIL in the coming years.

$EURUSD retail is now in mid-80’s with long positions. Seems it’s about ready for a move higher in price as the banks shake out these positions and retail decides to abandon their longs for shorts.

$TLT price is still in the lows of the chart. Banks haven’t offloaded all their shorts just yet but we suspect its coming. I am long $TLT and will be collecting dividends until the move higher takes place.

NATGAS both shorts and longs are cooled off and price still holding the lows. Watching for the long side to start building up with positions.

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