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What is Sherlock?

We recently named our market forecasting system Sherlock, but Sherlock is a lot more than just a market forecaster. As a student at White Oak Trading University you are being taught three very important elements to a great trading system. In level one, your goal is to become proficient in the analysis process so you can perform competent analysis on your own. In level two, your goal is to acquire an understanding of the structures that present themselves in the markets and how price moves within them and finally in level three your goal it to be able to combine the skills acquired through levels one and two and be able to put together a solid system to trade with as you learn some of the principles taught regarding the forces of price and market dynamics. It is so key that your system speaks to you and your personality, this is the only way a system can be successful for you. During your educational journey with us you are in fact learning from Sherlock. Sherlock is broken down into three components: Analysis, Forecasting and Trade Signals.

Sherlock Analysis: the method we use to analyze the charts is a very unique system because it relies on the actual price action of the markets to tell us what is taking place. The analysis process is in a state on constant refinement an tweaking because the more analysis we do using the process, the more we will learn and in so doing, the tweaking of the system takes place.

Sherlock Forecasting: You’ve already seen the power of the Sherlock system in forecasting the markets through the market outlook sessions, observation journals and the Araujo reports. Sherlock has developed an incredible understanding of market dynamics and how the markets move from one zone to another, on all the timeframes. When a certain situation is presented to Sherlock it is able to determine the next moves in the markets with incredible accuracy.

Sherlock Trade Signals: Combining the analysis and forecasting together, Sherlock is able to decide if trading a specific market is ideal or not. If it is an ideal market, it can locate that exact location for entry while keeping risk to a minimum. Sherlock’s accuracy in trade signals, in high odds market scenarios, is unmatched in the trading business.



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