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What is happening with Bitcoin?

I have been working behind the scenes on many things in the last few weeks. Recently I announced a new Watchlist and Trade Idea service and I am working on video lessons detailing how this will work and how one can take advantage of the incredible trade ideas we have been offering since we first started our school.

“Look at it this way, I would much rather buy #BITCOIN if price was inside an area I know for a fact is where the banks were buying previously.”

We have had tremendous interest in this new service and we are very humbled by this. We want it to be done right and we want you to achieve great success with the new service. Currently Basic members and Students are getting a taste of the new service as we are slowly putting together the foundation. We have been offering the Watchlist and Watchlist videos to members and have already had many profitable trade ideas put forth.

I will remind you that all should make sure to FOLLOW the posts on the forum so that you will be notified of any new posts, trade ideas, watchlists and videos that are posted. This will be the best way to stay informed.

For any non-members this is the perfect time to become a member as you can pay Basic membership price and have access to the trade ideas going forward. Eventually we will be pricing the Watchlist at a higher price and removing the Basic membership all together.

In other news, we had a nice drop on #BITCOIN this past week with a drop from the 64k to below 52k. Once again this came after the news media was saying that analysts were setting their sights on 70k-80k.

Then what took place? Large drop in price!

What is happening with #BITCOIN right now? We can see that on the daily chart there are now proper institutional structures that would be used to facilitate a move higher in price.

Could it continue higher? YES! BUT the odds are low that price continues higher from this area as opposed if price was already inside institutional demand like on the weekly chart we have located it at 29k – 35k.

This idea of odds of price moving is something that many speculators have an issue understanding.

Why is this? Because people have this mindset of buying something since it has been moving up, but this mindset is what is the cause of investors losing so much money.

Look at it this way, I would much rather buy #BITCOIN if price was inside an area I know for a fact is where the banks were buying previously.

As opposed to buying when the banks have already bought and might start taking profits especially when the media is promoting a higher price.

If you go in to trading an asset with this mentality you will end up winning a lot more times than losing. Trading is about understanding who is in charge of price and doing what they do!

Kevin Araujo


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