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"Up like Escalator, Down like Elevator!" Why is that!?

On today's market review session we did for the students of White Oak U, we took a look at the current situation in the markets and examined the massive spikes we observed this past week. We were safe throughout the whole experience as the moves were something that we had already anticipated. One thing you learn when you follow the moves of the institutions is that no matter what anomalies take place in the markets they will never go against what the institutions had planned for price. In all my years trading and following the institutions, I've never seen an example that goes against this. So needless to say, the students accounts were kept safe and the portfolio was kept safe throughout the spike.

Later on this session we talked about a myth in the markets where "professionals" say that you are a fool in you think you know what will happen in the markets. I say it's a myth because that is what it truly is. If it were impossible to know what will happen in the markets how did we predict the rally in #oil, then the exact location of the drop, or the massive rally in the $usdjpy or the rally in #gold among many of the moves we anticipated? If it were impossible to "know" than I guess it was impossible for us to do what we did.

Well, it's not impossible, this is what we do at White Oak U!

Have a look at a piece of the session we did today and if you share this post on your feeds you may be selected to receive a copy of the FULL VERSION!


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