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🔥 It's HERE 🔥 All Level Access at White Oak University!

Well it’s here folks. The moment many of you have been waiting for. This past Friday I released the new student membership option which gives you access to ALL 3 LEVELS of the school. All 3 levels of the video lesson library and classes are available to any new subscribers to the student level. The price has increased to keep up with things but I kept it very minimal considering how long I kept price at the $125 mark.

All existing student can stay at their pay level now but must come to classes, submit homework and graduate to the next level, personally I think that is the best way BUT if you want access to everything all at once you can cancel you current plan and sign up for the new membership here:

I’m excited for this new membership because we have also started doing classes in a new format. Reviewing live markets instead of historical price action. So far this live action analysis has revealed some really great trading opportunities.

This weekend many of you took this opportunity to gain access to all the levels and I would just encourage you to come to the live classes if you can and still submit your homework so I can review your work in class. This is the only way to improve your analysis so you can trade using your own insights.

I am convinced that the Sherlock System is the most advanced and incredibly accurate trading system in existence and I am honoured to be able to teach this system to our students.

Kevin Araujo



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