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🏰📚 This is the ULTIMATE Supply/Demand Trading Analysis class

🏰📚 This is the ULTIMATE Supply/Demand Trading Analysis class. What you will learn in this class are market truths that have taken years of hard work to uncover. Fast track your analysis light years ahead by incorporating what you learn in this class. This class is broken down into 7 Monday morning sessions. You will learn how to:

🔸 locate the supply/demand created by the institutions.

🔸 locate the trend lines the institutions use.

🔸 how to spot bad trend lines that only retail would buy/sell from.

🔸 how to draw the supply/demand zones properly.

🔥 Leading Edge Market Analysis that you've never seen before 🔥

The focus in this class will be to build your fundamental skills of analyzing a chart and being able to determine how to draw all your analysis and fine tuning your abilities to deal with all the nuances required to produce accurate analysis.

🗓 Starts Monday June 3rd 2024

Become a student with us and start learning the most advanced analysis PERIOD!



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