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The Sherlock Sessions are waiting for you!

I’m going to be opening the doors up for the Sherlock Sessions once again. If you display an incredible talent for the Sherlock Analysis and your work ethic is strong I will be emailing out private invitations to you BUT you need to put in the work. I don’t just invite anyone to be a member and we have members from all levels at the school. So keep this is mind over the next few weeks and hopefully you’ll be selected to join us on some future sessions plus have access to previously recorded sessions, all historical CFTC data to make your spreadsheets complete and much more.

So far we have completed about a year and a half of intensive sessions dealing with everything from market dynamics to deep supply/demand analysis using the Sherlock Analysis system. We have uncovered so much along the way that any person watching the sessions will surely have light bulbs go off in their heads as more pieces of the market puzzle will come together.

So get to work and submit your best work and hopefully we’ll see you on the inside!

Kevin Araujo


2 תגובות

It feels like being offered a visa to watch the real deal.


I'll look forward to this. Cheers.

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