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I am a Nigerian from Imo state, married with two kids. Currently self employed in the construction industry.

I started Forex trading September 2019, I have crashed my account about 5 times. Read books to understand and find the logic to forex trading until my backside started hurting me.

Bought what we call graph book and started taking down the long and short positions from CFTC reports for 6 months i still didn't get any clue as to how the institutions control the market. Not satisfied, i said there must be something out there better than what I am doing.

Then i saw Kevin's early videos Of trying to understand the CFTC reports, watched his finding the institutions supply and demand zone. It all made sense to me. i sat down and tried those instructions he put out on the videos, don't get me wrong, you have to be ready to learn and put into practice before you can get his instructions 60% right.

After doing this for a while, I unsubscribed from other platforms telling me things that didn't make sense to me.

I am working towards being a full whiteoak Forex trading students in the shortest possible time (no thanks to our exchange rate to the dollar).


Primus Nwokeji