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🔮Predicting $SPY move before it happened!📈

Can our supply and demand principles be applied to stocks, shares and CFD's?

Our amazing and accurate analysis of $SPY, #SP500, #SPX using our supply and demand skill coupled with the chart dynamics provided us with the evidence we needed. In this analysis we need to accurately locate trend lines as well as institutional supply and demand zones. Additionally, we need to locate the trends and determine when the market dynamics were changing. There were early signs that the descending trend line was going to break. Having completed our quick and detailed analysis, we were able to predict and forecast accurately the market direction on this symbol.

Have a look at our recent tweets below and see the results.

Visit us at for a more in-depth look at how we are able to predict and forecast ANY market accurately. You will learn the proper way to locate institutional supply and demand zones, trend lines and truly understand market dynamics and structure.

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