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🎯🎯 OIL Targets Hit Based On Our Analysis.

As we continue to diligently study and trade the markets, we are seeing incredible results and growth based on our analysis and forecasts. You would recall our blog post on Sept 23rd which can be found here, We stated that the weekly supply was under attack and that once it is removed the momentum to the upside will kick in to hit our targets at $79.11. See the picture below and notice, that is exactly what took place.

Our target was precisely set and once hit, price immediately began to fall. This shows that we are able to predict reversal points. Price is now dropping to a demand on the lower time frames and once contacted we will be waiting for the proper long signals.

You may probably we wondering how it's possible to predict the markets so accurately and take profits at the exact time before the markets starts reversing. This requires careful and continuous investigation of the markets. We are constantly checking and re-checking our analysis based on our ever increasing and growing knowledge base. Once the dynamics change we are always ready because you must always have a plan.


Understanding the conditions of the market is crucial to your success as a trader. One must develop the skills necessary in order to predict the market moves. I am constantly showing my students how to achieve this as we consistently grow. At our school, our curriculum is specifically designed for excellence.

If you are willing to accept the challenge, feel free to visit us at the link below.


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