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🚨 Million 💰 Dollar 🏆 Trade Update - $EURUSD Feb 8th'24

How's it going fellow traders!? Since Christmas of last year I've been sharing you with the Million Dollar trade I opened on the $eurusd. If you haven't been following along you can see my older posts here: and here:

Today I wanted to give you an update and how the trade is performing. So far I've been adding to my short several times from key supply zones i located that were created by the banks selling. After studying the latest #CFTC data and posting the videos on our YouTube channel we've discovered the banks have been recently selling so we wanted to sell with them.

So far every time I've shorted the $EURUSD dropped hard. The most recent addition to my short positions was from a small zone located on a 4 hour chart. I determined this zone to be important because of factors we teach at White Oak U. So with this in mind I placed some orders to add to my over short and moved my stops above this zone.

All stops have been moved so there is no longer any risk on this trade. No matter what happens I make money! It's a great feeling to be here right now because I know I can't lose any of my hard eared capital. What I'd love to see moving forward is a continued drop so I can continue to locate selling zones created by the banks so i can get in short alongside them.

Continue with me on this journey as I detail all my thinking behind this trade in an effort to show you how we do things differently and successfully at our school.



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