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📰 Media says $GOOG is a 🟢 BUY while Insiders 🤫 are 🔴 SELLING!

You have to ask yourself something... why is the media promoting Google as a really good buying opportunity...

"GOOGL YTD mountain Alphabet shares since the start of 2023 “We continue to believe investors are not giving GOOGL credit for significant public cloud growth or market share gains over the coming years,”

But when you look at what the INSIDERS are doing with their own stock all you can see is them SELLING! Not to mention that price is actually contacting a MAJOR SELLING zone where the WHALES were selling last.

$GOOG may be a good buy BUT we should never be buying because the MEDIA told us to and if we wanted to buy it should be at a BUYING zone and the only one I see is in the $110's!



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