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Investor Michael Burry of 'Big Short' has closed bets against S&P 500, Nasdaq losing 40%

According to some Michael Burry lost about 40% of his portfolio on the short bet he was all too happy to advertise back in the summer. He opened Put options which profit on a drop in price -- which price did -- but when price rallied back up he would be losing on time decay. He apparently just closed his positions now for a major loss.

My question is whether he played a role in committing many retail traders/investors to short the markets and take a significant loss in the process.

When we examine the #CFTC data we can see that all throughout the summer the banks have been switching from being bearish to being bullish. This all took place during Michael's push to SELL the markets. It's no wonder he erases his tweets after posting them... no evidence.



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