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May 13th 2019 - Institutional 🏦 Positions & Supply/Demand for Gold, Oil and the FOREX market

The positions below represent the institutional positions held as of May 7th 2019!

📊 In the Markets: The markets are in a very peculiar situation recently. I’ve exited my theme trades except for the $eurusd and I am glad that I have done so because looking at this current set of data some new evidence is coming to light that suggests that we could see momentum shifting on most of the pairs. I’ve broken down what is likely to take place in detail in the detail you can find in the report but overall what we can see is that the #dollar pairs have reached aggressiveness with their positions and total size of positions and so therefore we are starting to see some profits being taken. This is a good thing actually because if we want price to move in the directions that we have already concluded are coming, we need to see the aggressiveness cool off. We need to know that there are many bullets in the chamber and that a lot of fire power is ready to propel price after we enter into our positions. That was the case when the theme trade were opened but became less so as price move in our directions.

Now we must wait and be patient and many things can play out at this time. The momentum has died and whether retracements take place or not cannot be known with a great amount of certainty at this time. With this being understood, trading during this market condition would be foolish and therefore I will be sitting on the sidelines waiting for the next time to take advantage of favourable market conditions.

Magic Trader!

🏫 White Oak University 👩‍🎓 Students 👨‍🎓 you can see the full report here:

👇📺🚨 Here was last weeks video provided to members 🚨📺👇



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