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Markets imitating life!

My journey to becoming a successful trader has led me to understand many things about the markets, the most important being that they are an extremely complex representation of forces that exist within nature. Just like many before us have discovered links between nature and other subjects of study, there are unmistakable similarities within the forces that govern price movements to those present in our material world. This study has become my main focus over the last few years. I am constantly amazed with the remarkable discoveries I have uncovered in my work and it is what drives me on a daily basis. I have much to discover as my quest continues to unravel the mysteries of price action!

With this post, I will begin a series of journal entries devoted to some of the amazing things I have discovered about price action and how the institutions move price from one location to another. What I can tell you is that within the markets there is structure that can be understood and it is possible to know where price is going with extreme accuracy. I will explain some things you have never seen before but will keep the inner workings of it all for members only.

Stay tuned!

Magic Trader


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