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March 31th 2019 - Institutional Positions & Supply and Demand for the FOREX market

The positions below represent the institutional positions held as of March 26th 2019!

📊 In the Markets: Last week we had contract expirations and with this came some dramatic shifts in positions held by the institutions. We speculated on what these changes could mean but we couldn’t be sure until this week’s data was released. So now it is here and we can see exactly what the institutions were up to. When you take a look at the #gbpusd for instance, last week we saw a dramatic closure of short positions and with the release of this week’s data we can see that they used contract expirations as a means to reduce their overall short exposure. Now this is coming in the midst of #brexit talks and could mean that they are preparing for a move higher in the #pound. This is something on my radar and we will be watching for trade opportunities if they present themselves. The issue with trading the #pound long at this time is the strength in the #dollar that we are observing and anticipate in the coming weeks. A strong dollar will weigh heavy on a rally from the #pound, so I may sit back and watch the #pound play out instead of putting some money into this market.

We continue to see a strong bearish position be built on the #audusd and this continues to be aligned with our expectations on #gold. When we take a look at #gold’s data this week we can see a massive shift in short positions, a decrease from 115k to 94k. We can speculate and attribute this to the fact that contracts were expiring during last week’s data and this week’s data. In fact, I am almost certain that next week’s data will show a higher amount of short positions. So we’ll see what comes of this next Friday!

We are expecting the markets to continue on the momentum we saw displayed on the latter half of this previous week.

Magic Trader!

🏫 White Oak University Students👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 you can see the full report here:

👇📺🚨 Here was last weeks video provided to members 🚨📺👇



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