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Learning is all in the reviewing!

Let me ask you a question? Are you registered for a class at the moment? Have you participated in a session or maybe watched one after it was recorded because you’re in a different time zone? So let me ask, how many times have you watched the session, once or maybe twice? What did you do when you watched it, did you just listen to it?

Why do I ask all these questions? I want to be very clear when I outline what process you should be following when it comes to reviewing the classroom sessions that we uploaded into the library. These sessions are extremely valuable; they hold such great knowledge because we are extracting it from the market themselves. The thing is that even though we extract the information and discuss it in detail, when you view the session, much of the information will not be transferred to your brain. Much of the lessons you could be learning will not be learned and the reason for this is you may not be following the process I’m about to lay out for you.

Watch the classroom session once through and:

  • Take your journal and make note of the most important things you come across, important messages, key things to remember or specific situations playing out on the charts that need attention. Make note of the time in the sessions these take place at.

  • Then after you’re done watching, go back and go to those specific locations during the session you took note of and start journaling what is being said, what is the main point being made, why is it being made, what evidence is there to support the lesson being learned.

  • Now go to the next important part of the sessions and repeat the process of noting the important lesson being learned, what the markets showed us to prove the lesson is correct, what about this analysis makes it true.

  • When you’re done analyzing each individual portion of the session, I want you to write a summary in your journal of the overall session. What did you like about it, what didn’t you like, what did you learn from it, what did you find confusing, is there anything you are starting to realize about the markets and how they reveal the true analysis to us. Is there new light being shed on anything for you that makes you now see the charts in a different way.

Once you go through this process with each session that we do, I can assure you that you will learn much quicker, you’ll pick up on more valuable lessons and you will start to comprehend things much more than you would have without going through this process. So get your journals and pens out and start writing!

Kevin Araujo



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