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July 12th 2019 - Institutional 🏦 Positions & Supply/Demand for Gold, Oil and the FOREX market

The positions below represent the institutional positions held as of July 2nd 2019!

📊 In the Markets: Last week’s data and price action on the charts are starting to paint a picture for us of what is likely to come next in the markets. When we look at Gold we can see that positions are aggressive and so we are expecting them to take profits which will cause price to drop. When we examine both #dollar and the #eurusd we can see that we are currently in weekly zones that could cause price to move in their direction if they are in play. So now we look at the other pairs to see what they are telling us and when we examine the #gbpusd we can see that it is clearly making a move lower and one thing we know and always talk about when it comes to moves being made in the markets is that the institutions will many times reveal what they are doing with one or a couple pairs before they make those same moves on the others. This helps us to determine wheat will move before it will move when current market situation is such that anything can happen.

Looking at the #audusd and the #nzdusd we can see evidence on the charts that they might be preparing to take price lower from the current levels. If both these charts continue in this fashion we’ll have short signals being produced on both and I am currently watching for this to take place.

Our analysis on oil is leading us to believe that further profit taking on longs will facilitate a move lower in price and so therefore we are already positioned to take advantage of this should that take place. It’s not the highest probability trade signal but well supported by the evidence we are seeing.

We’d like to be in a position to know whether the #dollar will continue higher from these current levels but there are obstacles keeping this from taking place so we are waiting for the institutions to make their move first and then we’ll be better informed of what we should expect afterwards. We will remain patient and wait for the signals to be produced and when that has taken place; we’ll engage in the markets successfully and reap the rewards of our patience.

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