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Inflation 📊 Data Outcome 🔮 Predicted!

Yesterday i made a post on Twitter:

The reason i posted that was because i saw a theme that was currently in play. What was that theme? It was media putting a bearish pressure on the #dollar. How did they do that? Well first they started with the story about Moody's...

This story was leading to something and we had inflation data that was set to be released on Tuesday. So putting two and two together lead us to predict that the outcome of the inflation data would be negative putting further pressure to the downside on the #dollar. and what did we get?


With this in mind i made a forecast for the price of the $EURUSD moving higher from a 15 minute demand zone.

Sure enough price rallied upwards just as we suggested it would.

We also made a forecast in the school forum about the $USDCAD dropping.

and drop it did...

Some of the benefits of applying Sherlock Analysis to the charts.

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1 Comment

I'm lost for words for how you are able to anticipate these stories accurately

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