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Full Mentorship: An Introduction

This Sunday October 7th at 4pm EST I will be doing a FREE webinar of the Full Mentorship service being currently offered by Magic Trader Forex. This is your chance to see if this service is right for you before the price on the SPECIAL OFFER goes up on October 31st!

Description: This session is going to explain what the full mentorship of Magic Trader Forex is all about. It will also explain how the service is structured to provide you with everything you need to help you build a process that is necessary to become a professional trader. From the Araujo Report, the Market Outlook videos, the Portfolio and the private Twitter and Telegram feeds, I'll explain the purpose of each and every one of them and how you can use them to help build your process of analysis, planning your trades, executing and managing your trades.

I encourage everyone to come out and watch this one and if you can't make it, no worries, i'll make the webinar available to watch afterwards. Keep your eye out on the journal entries as i'll post it in a future post.

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