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February 24th 2019 - Institutional Positions & Supply and Demand for the FOREX market

The positions below represent the institutional positions held as of February 5th 2019!

📊 In the Markets: There is a lot of uncertainty in the current market dynamics. We can see clearly that on some pairs profits are being taken and that is the main focus of attention and on others we see signs of an accumulation of a position taking place. Very confusing situation is you don’t remain grounded on the larger themes in play. Gold is one that I like to stay focused on because of how I tuned into the bigger picture one day when I was examining historical data and examining it’s relation to price on the charts and I noticed a very distinct pattern I’ve seen play out in the past. So far all evidence has pointed in the rally we have experienced and now we are seeing early stage signs of the short position beginning to accumulate. This information along with other evidence of $eurusd shorts accumulating leads me to be confident that what we are seeing is indeed what is taking place. Unless things dramatically change of its current path, which I might add has been years in the making, I don’t see how another scenario is going to play out. It all comes down to timing now.

The #dollar is a crucial spot as well right now, after dropping from a weak weekly supply zone we must wonder how much downwards force is coming from here, I believe it is weak but we have yet to see the result so this contact. Every moment is a learning moment for me during this crucial stage. I will sit and watch and make notes on everything I see play out and make sure I take from it every bit of information I can.

The $usdcad might be dropping lower this week and it may be because of #dollar weakness and if it does not it could be because of institutional buying. We’ve seen it makes moves independent from the #dollar before so watching to see if this will be the case this time.

Magic Trader!

Here was last weeks video analysis provided to members:



Thanks for that feedback, so glad to hear of that good news, it means you are putting in the work! ;)


It has been a wonderful journey learning to trade like you Sir, i have never been this consistent in the field ,i have even started clearing off my chart and spotting back those level of institutional supply and demand zones. .. Seriously i wanna say a big thank you to you Sir,you have been my biggest mentor ❤

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