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February 17th 2019 - Institutional Positions & Supply and Demand for the FOREX market

The positions below represent the institutional positions held as of January 22nd 2019!

The number one reason why I trade is for the freedom. Trading allows me to work my own hours, when I choose to work them and the greatest thing I love about trading is that you get out of it what you put into it. A few years ago, some of you may know, I ran a family cleaning business that serviced commercial buildings. My father ran it for many years before he retired and then he passed it onto me. One of the things I started to learn running this business was that doing a great job was just enough to get you in, being the best, offering the best and providing the best services possible was not a deciding factor in my success. It seemed as though the harder I worked on providing better service, didn’t directly lead to more success. I quickly realized that there were many other things needed to become larger. I needed to kiss a lot of butt, take clients out for lunches and dinners and treat them to expensive sports outings and Christmas presents and the list goes on.

I soon realized that running this business was not for me. I needed something I can do that if I worked extremely hard, I would receive the benefits from it and my success was something that no one could ever take away from me and in the corporate world, clients to ruin your business very quickly. I knew I could not put my future in the hands of others and this was a major reason why I loved trading so much. Ever since I left the corporate world my hunger for learning was fueled by the need to leave the busy city world of corporate greed and into the more peaceful, controlled and focused world of discovering the inner workings of the markets so that I could make a success of it.

I have been blessed with much success in the business of trading and if came with many days of extremely painful lessons but those lessons are ingrained in my brain forever and I vowed to not make those mistakes again. My passion for discovering the inner workings of the markets has only grown more intense throughout the years and I am so thankful that this passion continues strong within me. My goal now is to ensure the financial stability of my family and to provide my loved ones with the best I can possibly provide. This world is changing quickly and jobs are not the same as they used to be years ago and by the time my children are ready for the workforce who knows what will be available to them. This is why it is my job now to make sure that I can be there for them financially and should they require additional assistance to manage their money for them, no one will care more about their financial well-being as you!

Magic Trader!

Here was last weeks video analysis provided to members:



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